Traverse City WSS Grooming Report #31

Report: Traverese City WSS Reort #31

Date: 2/5/2017

Time: 9:22a

NWS Forecast here.

I was out and off the trail this morning by 8:00 am. With a 28 degree temperature and moist snow expect a firm fast surface by 10:00am. All trails have been groomed including the new Timber Ridge Loop.This new loop will be featured on both Vasa Fatbike Races.



If you experience an incident that affects your safety or enjoyment while using the Winter Sports Singletrack, Vasa or any of the trails in the TART system of trails, please file an incident report. A link to the online reporting form is located here.

Grooming is made possible with donations from people like you, to NMMBA and TART Trails, Inc.

Winter Sports Singletrack Grooming Badge

Thank you for your support and enjoy the trails this winter!