NMMBA Welcomes Tim Reicha As Glacial Hills Representative!


We're honored to have Tim Reicha join the NMMBA team to operate as point-man for all things Glacial Hills! 

Tim has already put in countless hours of grooming and trail maintenance at his beloved Glacial Hills. The trail has become favorite for locals and visitors alike, and the ever-expanding web of singletrack has been kept in immaculate shape in large part to the organization of Reicha and Glacial's band of volunteers. 

Reicha is also the Events Director at Short's Brewing Company, title sponsor of so many events in Northern Michigan that it would be impossible to record them all here. Tim's enthusiasm and passion for the outdoors are reflected and supported by everyone at SBC, and they've nurtured the winter grooming program at Glacial with the same love they normally reserve for unique and delicious beers. 

Glacial Hills is a gem of a trail system, and Tim's involvement as a NMMBA board member will allow us to support the work already in place there. Tim and his wife, Erin, are avid cyclists that find the time to work on the trail, ride it, and help spread the word about how having a great trail system can lead to a happier, healthier community. 

If you've never ridden Glacial Hills, make the drive to Bellaire! And here's a great excuse; on November 5, the Winter Grooming Benefit will reward your ride in a very meaningful way. From 4:30-9:30, proceeds from food and drinks at Short's Brewing Co. will go to support the grooming program! You'll also be able to pick up Glacial Hills gear, grab a grooming badge, and enjoy live music at the pub. Go ride, go eat, go drink, and go help support the great things happening in Bellaire. We can't think of a better way to spin out the legs after the Iceman Cometh Challenge and celebrate another great mountain bike season than by getting ready for winter riding!