1/5/2017 Glacial Hills Grooming Report #1

As of last year Glacial Hills has been groomed for Fat bike use. With it's rolling hills and flowing trails Tim Reicha of Short's and Patrick Boyd of Pedals and Paddles have laid out one of the funest trails in Northern Michigan. The five mile trail is divided into three loops accessable from the Vandermark Rd. Parking Lot. I will do my best to keep you updated as to their grooming efforts.I have attached a map of the trails. If you like what you ride consider making a donation at www.glacialhillstrails.org or feed the pipe at the trailhead.

Report: Glacial Hills Report #1

Date: 1/5/2017

Time: 11:30pm

Glacial Hills Trails has re-frozen and received about 4" of new snow so far. The main loop got 3 passes late this afternoon & the narrower stuff 2, it should setup nicely with the bitter cold overnight lows. We are planning on hitting it again in the morning and will update again afterwards.

For now 3-4psi as the snow is still relatively soft.
Thanks again to Tim from Short's Brewing Company for running the Rokon and Patrick of Pedals and Paddles for driving the snowmobile.

Tim and Patrick are doing a great job trying to keep up with the snow in Bellaire go check out their work.