Traverse City WSS Grooming Report #25

Report: Report #25

Date: 1/27/2017

Time: 6:00am

NWS Forecast here.

Dave Hagan was able to get out yesterday just as the temperature was dropping below freezing. He built some new burms for you to find and was able to smooth out any irregularities in the trail. Unfortunately, we had a runner and a bike that rode before the trail setup. I did the best I could to smooth it out later in the evening but the trail had begun to setup. As long as the temperatures stay below freezing the trail will be Fast and Furious this weekend. I was able to groom a new singletrack on Timber Ridge property last night it is about a mile of some fun trail. See if you can find it. I'll get signs up within the next week.

Remember to purchase a $10 trail/parking pass if you enter the trail from Timber Ridge.

Mike will be grooming later today.