The ReViSiT Ribbon Cutting :: August 9


If you ridden the Vasa Singletrack recently, you've probably noticed plenty of changes and re-routes on Traverse City's most beloved singletrack system. After decades of heavy use, it was time for a refresh; it was time to reViSiT. 

Chad Jordan, Tom White, Mike Walters, and dozens of volunteers worked closely with the DNR and trail users themselves to help make some smart, sustainable changes to the trail in order to enhance the user experience, reduce our impact, and make a trail that requires less work while also holding up to more riding! 

With major changes to the Saplings and less-noticeable changes on other parts of the trail, we've accomplished 99% of what we set out to do. That 1% missing? That's the party to unveil it! 

Nobody knows how to throw a party like the guys at Keen Technical Solutions, and we've tagged in their paella experts to offer up the grub at an historic night on the VST. For the first time ever, the weekly Speed of Light ride is moving to singletrack for the ultimate bragging rights. We're inviting all riders in Traverse City to join us on August 9 at 6 pm for a laid-back but still very fast time trail of the new-look VST! 

Riders will start at 30 second intervals, then 10 second intervals for a full loop of the Singletrack. Bring the kids, too; miniSOL will take on the 3 mile Kinglet Loop as soon as the adults are all off into the woods. 

The full loop is 14 miles long, with the fastest times around 55 minutes, with a 65 minute lap considered very strong. 

No matter how long it takes you, there will be a gigantic pan of paella and free beer from Short's Brewing awaiting your finish. Everyone is a winner when we come together in the woods! 

We'll be joined during and after the ride by representatives from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The DNR is eager to see the reception of the trail updates and enthusiasm for mountain biking as a whole; the more bikes on hand, the better for the future of the trails! Make sure you show up, bring a friend, and display the inclusive, supportive, and safe riding that makes Northern Michigan the best place to be a mountain biker in the whole state! 

For more details on the ride, as well as a start list, make sure you head over to the event page on Strava, and check back to our Facebook page for more details. 

2018 TCTF Course Preview: Files And First Impressions


Last week, we had about a dozen riders head out for a low-paced recon of the 25 mile Traverse City Trail Festival presented by Short's Brewing. 

It was never intended to be a race effort, but even rolling at a controlled pace, the 2018 TCTF 25 mile course was impressive. While this year's edition makes use of a mix of both new and old trail, with sections of the 2017 route used in reverse, it really rides very differently from the race's first edition. 

For starters, the start. Instead of a few open miles to kick things off, this year's race is almost immediately into the woods. This will favor racers will a strong start, as well as giving the better bike handlers a chance to poke and prod the roadies early, while they're at the height of their powers. The opening four miles are still very, very fast, but passing opportunities are much more limited. After that, it's true singletrack, especially as the race spills into the Dollar Lake area. 

The first reprieve for the power riders will be bursting out of the shadows and onto Broomhead for a short gravel road stretch north. That will be a good time to stretch out the back, eat, and get ready for what is a non-stop series of famous singletrack trails, with Tomtanium the first to greet the riders' return into the woods. 

The final miles of both the 40 and 25 mile race are wide open but sandy gravel road. They're also very flat, so if there are any groups left together in the finale, you'd expect to see speeds in the low 20s all the way back to the Ranch. The race does hit one final, almost ceremonial section of singletrack to circumvent Main Street at Ranch Rudolf, rolling past the campground and rounding the final turn to finish between the pond and the Boardman River. 

Of course, any trail is as hard as you make it, and we think that the tweaks and changes we've put in for 2018 will make the race harder and the tour easier. Because of the traffic last year and this year, the trail is much smoother and more pronounced, which limits the bumps and lumps that might get annoying. It's a great chance to see the trails and work them into your everyday rides! 

Ready to go recon? The course won't be marked until race day, but if you slow down at intersections, the GPX files below are actually pretty easy to follow. 

Note, both of the files below leave from the Muncie Lake XC Ski Pathway on Ranch Rudolf Road. 

The 40-mile route is here

The 25-mile route is here

Now get signed up! 

TCTF Recon Ride: Independence Day Tempo


Sorry for the very short notice, but our pals at kolo t.c. are offering YOU the chance to ride the TCTF 25 and make recon rides easier for everyone! 

We have ridden the 40-mile course and have a gpx file available. However, we've yet to ride in the shorter course, but Cody, Dan, and Wes are going to remedy that on the Fourth of July. They'll be leaving from the Muncie Lake Pathway Parking lot, just up the gravel hill from Ranch Rudolf, to put in a 2.5-hour effort over the 25-mile course. It's not a race, but due to time constraints, the goal is to be out of the woods no later than 10 am, which should be plenty doable. 

Make sure you bring water, a flat kit, and a sense of adventure; we've given them the best information possible, as well as made some gentle course markings to make sure they don't miss any important turns and end up in Kalkaska. Wes, for one, has a history of that. However, the course isn't marked, and they'll be relying on their natural woodsman's sense of direction, operating on their deep connection to the forest. Oh, and they have GPS units. 

Who should do the 25-mile route? Everyone! At 25 miles, the distance and expected finish time for the race is right on par with most cross-country mountain bike races. If we were to join something like the Championship Points Series, this is the event we'd have scored for the series because it fits the bill of a traditional XC race; it certainly isn't sandbagging to toe the line in any category! The 40-mile race is geared more for endurance racers looking for a bigger adventure and a long day in the saddle. It's a favorite distance for Lumberjack 100 riders like Beth Collins, for example. 

If you want to join for the recon, make sure you eat your Wheaties and get to bed by 9pm tonight for the 7:30 am roll out tomorrow. You can see ride updates here

Ready to get signed up? Registration is open! 

June Board Meeting Minutes

NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting

Date and Location: June 13th, 2018, Keen loft

Board present: Chad Jordan, Tom White, Kim White, John Roe, Tim Reicha, Steve Mentzer, Michele Andrews and Coti Sprattmoran

Board absent: Mike Walters, Dustin Webb and Don Clewley

Guests: Cody Sovis and Kasey Mahoney

Chad opened the meeting at 6:34 p.m

Previous meetings minutes were approved.

Also noted was the email vote to proceed with the Consumers Energy Foundation Grant.

Chad opened it for both discussion and a vote.

Majority yea votes. Tim to proceed.

Master's project Update:

Kasey as part of her grant writing class in her Master's program has offered to write a proposal with NMMBA in mind.

This proposal would create a sub contracting position that would be funded for 2000 hrs. at an hourly rate ranging from $17-$20/hour.

The position would be of a grant writer. This position would be responsible for creating capacity building grants for NMMBA that would keep the flow of dollars coming in.

Kasey is lacking NMMBA's  financial info to complete her grant. Kim to provide the missing pieces.

Specific duties of this position were discussed. They would be responsible for writing grants to fund our communications and outreach capabilities.


Kim presented the organizations financials for review/discussion.

She indicated that Glacial Hills(G.H.) had been set up with a checking account much like Bike Leelanau(B.L.)

Total checking/saving balances for the association equals $32,503.86


Tim presented the report on mechandise sales/inventory to date.

T-shirts are coming in. Done in three different colors; Red,Blue and Green.

Had samples of stickers and water bottles to show. Both of these items will be added to the webstore. At this time all sales are logged into one account. Down the road a percentage of sales will go back into that particular trail account. This way when marketed it can be stated that proceeds go right back into trail maintenance, etc.

Plan is to have merchandise at all three races; TCTF, Glacial Hills and Bear Claw Epic.

Merchandise will be marketed in two phases.

Phase 1: Stickers, bottles, hats and shirts

Phase 2: Arm warmers, buffs and beanies.

Different options regarding shipping costs were discussed.


Tom brought all up to speed on the progress of TCTF.

Tom had a handout outlining duties associated with the event. Everything from Race director to Safety coordinator to Event site, sponsorship, aid stations, etc.

A digital version of the list will be put out to all. To allow for editing.

Discussion as to food. If food is donated we can realize a few dollars from this.

Also discussed was location of tent in proximity to merchandise table, etc.

Tim to coordinate the kid's race.

Chad to get with Paul Britten re: tent graphics. New logo.

Mentzer report:

Steve stated he was contacted by the Rotary in regards to possibly developing some mtb trails in the Greilick Outdoor Recreation Center.

Contact person is Nick Killian.

Some discussion as to events, layout, etc.

John to contact Nick and report back.

Steve also brought an idea to the board regarding a show of support for Dan Morley.

He indicated that McLain's Race team had purchased shirts in support of Dan's fight with recent health issues.

The idea being that we could purchase shirts to sell or ask for donations with the proceeds going to the Morley family. These would be marketed at TCTF.

Discussion ensued regarding marketing. Suggestion was that a story about Dan would go far in helping to market the shirts.

Steve made a motion to budget $350.00 towards the purchase of the shirts. Coti 2nd. Unanimous vote.

Cadillac pavilion update:

Michele brought the board up to speed on this project.

Discussion as to who had 1st preference in regards to use.

She also had several copies of the Gift & Acceptance agreement.

Chad motioned to accept the Gift & Acceptance agreement in it's present form.

Coti 2nd. Unanimous vote.

Michele also talked about the particulars in regards to construction codes of the pavilion.


Nothing new to report


Mike was absent but did submit a written report.

Built and opened the re-route between 10-11.

Built and soft opened the re-route around lake S-hole.

Strombolis Lake connector has been completed with a mini loop back to the saplings section.

Continue to massage the VST in certain areas.

Grooming/Badge sales:

John led a discussion as to grooming for this upcoming winter.

He also had emailed to all a few options for badge sales for the coming season.

Option 1:

TC WST $60

CadillacWST/Leelanau/Glacial each $40

$10 Discount for each add'l badge

Work on combining TART and Timber ridge

Option 2:

One combined badge for $100. All monies goes into one kitty. Committee decides on a minimum standard for equipment needs based on trail mileage. All trails draw form the kitty for operations.

Work on combined badge for TART and TR.

Trail Series:

CPS:Championship Point Series. Do we pursue this?

What does it entail? Restrictions? More questions to consider.


Committee has been formed.

Discussion as to what software platform would be used to manage it.

Options discussed were Wild Apricot, Sales Force and Kim to look into Square Space.

CCCC Grant:

Pavilion slated to be built in 2019. Need to pursue other funding this winter.


Women's Grit clinics coming up on July 7th & 8th. Need at least 11 people each day to make it happen. Find ways to get the word out.

Pride ride sponsored by Suttons Bay Bikes takes place this Saturday in Suttons Bay at 1 p.m. 9 Beans Row providing food. Slow ride out to Tandem Ciders.

Family rides from 45North winery on Sunday June 17th.


And Bike Lelanau is happy to report that Palmer Woods is happening!

Tim finished off the meeting discussing the recent improvements at the Vandermark trailhead at Glacial Hills.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04 p.m.

Submitted by Steve Mentzer, secretary

TCTF Countdown: Get Your Recon Rides Planned!


The second annual Traverse City Trail Festival is coming up quick! Are you ready for a big day in the saddle on July 21?

Tom and our trail crew have been putting the final touches on the 2018 Traverse City Trail Festival course, and aside from some very minor connecting pieces, the 40 mile route is 99.9% finished! The goal this year was to retain some of the racer's favorite sections from 2017, as well as mix in some new trail and new sections to keep racer's on their toes and help the tour crowd to go even deeper into the wolds of the Pere Marquette Forest! 

As you may have heard, there is even more of a challenge to the 2018 TCTF in that it's just the first of three races in the new NMMBA Trail Series! Three races over three months, we're challenging riders of all abilities to sample the diverse trail experiences at TCTF, the Glacial Hills Challenge, as well as the Bear Claw Epic at the Cadillac Pathway. Racers who complete all three events will pick up a free water bottle to show the world they can handle anything the Northwoods throw at them, as well as their dedication to supporting the people who support the trails! 

Of course, the TCTF wouldn't be possible without the support of the area's incredible community and our wonderful sponsors. As you gear up for a full summer of racing and riding, don't forget to support the folks who help us keep the trails open for business! 

The best way to get ready, of course, is to get out there! We've got the most accurate GPX file available right here. Using this link, you'll be able to ride the full ride from our beautiful start/finish venue at Ranch Rudolf, but you can also use it to hop on and off the trail to suit your needs on each ride! 

It's just over a month away, who's excited to ride?

Register for the Traverse City Trail Festival today!