Leelanau State Park 2/16/18 - open

The dusting of snow we received Friday morning, along with freezing temps overnight, is just what the groomer ordered!  Trail will open this AM and remain open until, it looks like, Sunday evening


Come and get it while you can, it looks like rain on Monday. Conditions today and Saturday should be all-time, with firm berms for turns and low rolling resistance throughout the course. COME ON UP!! 

Glacial Hills Report 2/15/18

Patrick made it out to smooth out some deep footprints and add texture before the temperatures dive overnight. We expect the surface to be hard and fast tomorrow and most of Saturday. If the forecast for the weekend is accurate, the surface may soften later Saturday into Sunday. Use caution on the corners and even some straight aways along ridges where the lip has deteriorated leaving some off camber drop offs.


Looking at the long term forecast, we expect that this will have been the last groom of the season. We will keep you posted if that changes.


Thank you so much for supporting the grooming efforts at Glacial Hills. We truly hope that you have been able to enjoy the trails this winter!

Weekend Plans: Trail Conditions For 2/17-18

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 2.07.45 PM.png


With temperatures over 40 degrees today and a quick deep freeze overnight, we wanted to help you plan you riding this weekend! 

A crucial element to maintaining groomed trails in these conditions is the cooperation of trail users. Please stay off the trails if you're leaving any sort of rut; with such little snow, it's very hard to level the trail back out. If we're all smart Thursday and Friday, we'll have a great ride Friday evening and through the weekend. 

Winter Sports Singletrack, Traverse City: Yeti's Revenge is closed for the season. The DNR gave us permission to groom this section, and we've heard a lot of positive feedback about it from you! Please respect the tape on the entrances to this loop and leave it be; if we leave it as good as we left it, we may have more opportunities next for season trails next winter! Riding conditions should be improved by Friday afternoon and Saturday, with warmer temperatures making Sunday morning the end of prime riding time until we get more cold weather.

Glacial Hills, Bellaire: The trail is open and ready to roll. Watch for hard packed conditions to return Friday with the cool down, as well as great opportunities to ride Sunday morning as well. At this point in the season, the grooming team has decided to suspend operations, unless there are significant changes to the long-range forecast. 

Leelanau State Park Winter Trails, Northport: The trail is CLOSED until Friday due to soft trail conditions. Please stay off the trail until we get that promised freeze and have a bit of time to groom a flat, safe surface. The weekend should be incredible, however, so don't miss your chance to get out there! 

Cadillac Pathways, Cadillac: There is very little snow and soft conditions currently. Please stay tuned to any changes to trail conditions in the near future, and if you do choose to ride, make sure you're running a low tire pressure and riding safely, especially as the trail freezes over heading into the weekend. 

TC WST Report 2/14/18

With the warm weather and low snow conditions I expect the trail to begin to soften by early afternoon. It would be best to ride this morning if you plan on riding the next few days.

We are expected to have only four of the next ten days below freezing so there is a chance if we don't get the very much new snow we could be wrapping up our grooming season.

Since Yeti's Revenge is a winter only trail and we will most likely be down to dirt in spots I am planning to close that section of trail for the year today. I will reopen if we get enough snow and cold weather. Please do not enter the trail after I put tape up.

TC WST Report 2/13/18

Yesterday's groom setup quick in the sun and slow in the shade. There are some grooves due to traffic during the groom. All trail were groomed and I expect the riding will be excellent today and tomorrow as the snow gets warm and moist. With temperatures above freezing Wednesday night I expect Thursday to be soft, be prepared to abort your ride if you find the trail soft. We still have a very thin base and have a hard time repairing damage to the trail without digging into the dirt and damaging equipment.

Our next groom will be late Thursday night as the temperatures drop below freezing.

Get out and ride the next twenty-four hours for some of the best riding in weeks.