eBikes on DNR Trails

It is within the mission of NMMBA to respect our DNR land managers, follow the best practices for trail design/maintenance and to sustain trail user harmony/safety to the fullest possible extent.  To that end, we are following the guidelines put forth by the Michigan DNR to not allow the use of eBikes on our single track trail system as they are currently not legal for use on unimproved dirt trails.  We ask that you please help us by enjoying our trails using pure pedal power.  Those with disabilities are always welcome to access our trails with eBikes.

NMMBA April Meeting Minutes

NMMBA regular board meeting.

Date and location: April 11th, 2018, Keen Loft

Board present: Thomas White, Timothy Reicha III, Michael Walters, Kimberly White, Stephen Mentzer, Cotopaxi Sprattmoran, Donald Clewley, Johnathon Roe and Chadwick Jordan.

Board absent: Michele Andrews and Dustin Webb.


Chad opened the meeting at 6:40 pm.

Previous months meeting minutes were approved with no changes.

Special meeting April 13th.:

Priority was to get a handle on a firmer number of current members. With Cody Sovis absent is was hard to determine what lists we had that were the most accurate. Email going out initially contained 220 names. But what percentage of those numbers reflected current members? With a majority vote need to amend our bylaws, accuracy was imperative.

Cody to be contacted to get a more accurate list and send another email blast out in advance of the meeting.

Melissa Werkman update:

 MMBA is due to layoff Melissa this Friday the 13th. This move was apparently done without board involvement nor any other means of communication.

Melissa is due to tender her resignation.

She has expressed an interest in still representing our association. Ways must be found to fund her salary. Steve “Iceman” Brown and Melissa have spoken but not sure of the content. TART, Iceman and TCTF all contribute to her salary. More to follow.

John Roe brought up the name of Gabe Schneider as a possible representative. He will contact and follow up with the board. Possibly extend an invite to Friday's meeting.

Tom to follow up with Melissa re: her conversation with Steve Brown.


Kim presented the financials for NMMBA and BCE. Approx. $15000.00 in NMMBA checking account. BCE is currently carrying a balance in their account of $18600.00

John noted there is $6000 in the groomer fund but balance will be affected by the badge buy back program.

Question as to a check for $562.00 made out to The Holiday Shopper, written in November of 2016 was still uncleared. John to follow up with them.

Next up is a round table discussion.

Fat Bike:

Groomer meeting set for May 1st.

John also informed the board that he was named race director for the 2019 Vasa festival of races.

Bike Leelanau:

Coti let the board know that bids were going out for the Palmer Woods project. Will be approx. 5.8 miles of new trail. A fundraiser partnering with the Leelanau Conservancy will be held on Saturday April 21st at 45North winery. A celebration of Earth Week will have demo rides and things for the kids.

Because the event will have alcohol served, the event must have a bond for liability.

With that Tim made the motion with a 2nd from Steve to apply for the special license app. Unanimous vote.

Steve to get the bond through Larkin and Cody to contact Leelanau county sheriff's dept for other forms.

Also they have a meeting with the public in June re: the WST in Northport.

TCTF, MS&B, etc.:

Tom informed the board of a meeting re: Stombolis Lake with DNR's Dave Lemien and Scott Slavin.

MS&B: Tom was successful in separating our duties on the event. We will not be doing the course marking, Norte to handle those duties. Trail options that are in the mix will be implemented based on weather of late.

A section of Strombolis will be featured in the MSB race. All re-work from last fall will also be used for the race.

TCTF sign up has begun!

Working on the kid's race portion and trying to get Norte on board.

Course route due in May.

Glacial Hills:

Tim informed the board of a water bottle design depicting all three races in the series. Idea being that the bottles would be part of swag for those pre-registering for all three races.

Balance then would be sold to racers,etc.

300 bottles to be designed at a cost of around $1300.00. Short's would purchase lot of bottles thereby lessening their sponsorship $ commitment.

Due to weather Glacial Hills work bee rescheduled for sometime in May. A second weekly work bee is being scheduled for Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m.

Other plans are for the Orchard Hills parking lot to be expanded and bulk toilets to be installed.


Mike let the board know that when weather permits work will begin in earnest. Between markers 6 & 7 some trimming work can actually be started.

Other plans are for smaller re-routes.



Don talked about the completed 8.5 miles of trail. Also a need to map out final connecyor to Guernsey Lake. Then produce signage...4 x 4 variety.

Don to get with Jason Aric Jones to look into sign vendors.

This ended the round table discussion. With nothing else on the agenda the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by

Steve Mentzer, secretary

Support The Winter Trails at Leelanau State Park with Just An Email!


Let's keep the momentum going! Help Bike Leelanau, NMMBA, and winter enthusiasts everywhere by raising your voice to keep the Winter Sports Trail for 2018-2019. 

This past winter, a big group of businesses, volunteers, and reps both the DNR and NMMBA came together to create, groom, and enjoy the Winter Sports Trail at the Leelanau State Park. The new winter-only trail offered more mileage and options for winter enthusiasts from all over Northern Michigan, especial Northport locals who could access the trail with just a short drive. By bike, ski, and snowshoe, adventure-seekers, families, and day-trippers enjoyed a whole new way to experience Leelanau County! 

We want to make sure this season trail is back in 2018-2019, but we need your help! If you had a chance ride, ski, or walk the trail, or if you're eager to give it a try, consider writing a quick email to make it happen. Email the LPS Lead Ranger Stephanie at ROSINSKIS@michigan.gov and let her know that you loved the trail, supported local businesses, or just can't wait to have it back next year. Your comments could prove vital to the bringing the trail back, or even expanding it! 

Thank you for your involvement! 



Reminder: Special Meeting Friday, April 13


Just in case this slipped off your radar, we're asking that our members join us Friday, April 13! 

There are TONS of fun things going on this spring, so we wanted to put this on your radar just one more time. This Friday, we're holding a special meeting to present a handful of changes to our by-laws and ask for our current members to vote to approve the changes. NMMBA has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and we have some crucial changes to make that will allow us to do more and represent your interests better! 

The meeting will start promptly at 6:30pm, and our board and legal counsel have already combined to keep our talking points brief and to the point. We don't anticipate the meeting taking very long at all, and even allowing for plenty of questions and discussion, should be concluded in a timely fashion. All you need to do is show up, let us know what questions you have, and vote on the changes. 

For more on the changes, why we need this vote, and the legal stuff involved, there are more details available here